Roadrunner BLM

I arrived at the Roadrunner BLM Monday evening. Got set-up and met with the caravan of women. However, the site host directed me to the wrong group of women. I spent the night and pulled up stakes the next morning, drove to the host location and got the correct directions. Drove over there, found a spot and set-up again. Then went to the WRTR in the afternoon.

I’ve met women from across the USA, from Seattle to Massachusetts. Some are retirees and some are still working. Everyone field from moms, IT, nurses and a pharmacist. There are, like myself, newbies, part-timers and others who’ve been in this lifestyle for years, all with different stories. There are two other gals from the Twin Cities area, both also newbies.

We attend workshops during the day, go shopping in Quartzsite, and sit around the campfire at night. I even went to bingo at the senior center and I won $28.

Went into town the other day to have lunch and I ran into Bob Wells, from Cheap RV Living and YouTube. He is the one who is most known for van living.

I drove back to Yuma today as I have paperwork to complete for Fredrick’s services. I’ll go to the library in the morning to use their computers. (The internet in the desert us almost non existent). Then I’m heading back to the BLM for another week.

Citrine in natural form.
Roadrunner BLM
Miss J, from You Tube

Women’s Rubber Tramp Rendezvous (WRTR) starts tomorrow!!!

Well its finally here, WRTR starts tomorrow at the La Paz County Fairgrounds. I’ll be staying at the Roadrunner Bureau of Land Management (approximately 33.581726,-114.228369) lands near the site. I’m joining up with a women’s caravan for the week. If all goes well I may stay until the end of the main rendezvous, Jan 27th.

I spent all day repacking my van for the trip. All that’s left is my refrigerator foods. And my shower bag, so I’m in good shape to leave early in the morning.

Depending on cell service, I’ll provide updates throughout the week. Thanks for following.


It’s been a time since I’ve posted here but that’s not because I’m sitting around drinking cocktails.

A lot of final touches to my van build were put on hold until I arrived here in Yuma, AZ. As shared previously, I was given an electric cooler so the prior design needed to be tweaked.

I decided to move the cabinet by the sliding door to underneath the bed frame. This required cuts into the bed frame allowing me to slide the cabinet underneath. Then I wanted to build a stand for the cooler to sit into that would allow for further storage underneath. That space will likely be used for water and or shoes. Today, I added a couple of shelves between the cupboard and my bed so I can add a water container with a spout for easy access and the lower one to house my stove.

Of course everything needed to be sanded and painted as well as the rest of the van cargo area.

I’m all but ready to head out next week to the Women’s Rubber Tramp, WRT and RT Rendezvous’s, a large gathering of car, van and RV dwelling people. I’m joining a caravan of other single women, many of whom are also new to the WRTR/RTR that is being held this year at the La Paz County fairgrounds, between Quartzite and Parker, AZ.

Thanks for hanging in there for this long post. I’ll update you soon.

Sarah’s Dream Decal

How fortunate that my AZ property manager, Lee Allen, is also a graphic designer. He heard about Sarah’s story and offered to do a decal for the sides of my van. We worked together on the design, taking our inspiration from articles published in The Walleye and Chronicle Journal about Sarah. Lee, an artist in his own right, said, “I saw a lot of emotion in her art.” I’m grateful for his willingness to make and apply the decals to my van. I will proudly take Sarah along my journey.

About Sarah
The Walleye Magazine

Courtesy of Leland Allen, Creative Director, Vital Signs,

Checking out a BLM campsite and the Yuma historic territorial prison.

Dawn and I ventured out into the desert a short way north of Yuma the other day. Discovered a great small lake, surrounded by beautiful reeds, with lots of free campsites. Looking forward to spending time out there.

We then ventured to the Yuma prison, well worth the $6 senior admission. Informative museum with a lot of photos and stories of the inmates and changes that occured throughout its life. Took several photos and caught a fast moving orb in one of them.

Gate walking towards exit.
Guard tower.
Equivalent of the hole.
Orb, no bugs in the area.
Three cots high.

Surprise with the cousins.

Arrived 12/12 at my cousins Mary and Dale’s in Surprise, AZ. Started at 9000 feet down to under 1000. Beautiful drive. Such different types of foliage along the way.

Spent Friday going through numerous thrift stores. Alas, no major finds but a lot of exercise.

Met up with Pat and John for pizza and chicken Friday night. Pat is Mary’s older sister. Look forward to spending more time with them over the holidays. See Dales hard work for the holidays below. Nice job Dale.

Dale was kind enough to cut some cleats and pegboard for a project Dawn is doing. Mary and Dale donated an electric cooler for my van and jigsaw! Super nice of them.

Mary and Dales home.

Amarillo and Albuquerque bound.

Dawn and I left OK 12/8/19 about 1 pm after fueling up and taking a wrong turn (my fault). But hey, Dawn got to practice backing up the trailer. Initially, I just wanted to crawl back in bed for a nap but within an hour I was awake and ready to make the trek. We arrived after dark, having driven 380 miles in about 5 hours and 45 minutes. Needless to say, after pulling into the Cracker Barrel parking lot and getting settled, neither of us was up for socializing. Off to sleep we went.

Woke about 6 am and we had breakfast by the fireplace. Pays to get up early!

Drove on the Albuquerque arriving approximately 11:30 am. Went to a couple thrift stores but no major finds. Drove to a cute park where Dawn reorganized her trailer, again (wink), and I heated up some turkey soup I’d brought. A nice quiet lunch except for the buzz of a flying drone overhead. Then we drove to Old Town, where I left a little money in the merchants pockets. 😁

We then arrived at the west end Cracker Barrel where we cooked our first real meal, steak, Rice-o-Roni and broccoli. Of course a little Irish drink was consumed. 😋

Now I’m sitting in my van typing by candlelight listening to spa music. So relaxing that I hear my bed calling me.

Thank you for coming along on our trip. Chao

Yummy sour dough french toast, eggs and bacon.
Turkey soup.
City park view of snow covered mountains to the east.
San Felipe de Neri Catholic Church
San Felipe de Neri Catholic Church

Family time at Indianola, OK

12/8/19 – Arrived at my brother Jery and wife Shelly’s home in rural Indianola, OK. A secluded piece of property that has been lovingly cleared and cleaned up by hand and machine. A lot more back breaking work to be done but hey, it keeps us young! Shelly’s horse Robbie is a sweetie and he has a short-time friend that they are caring for.

It was so nice to spend some quality time with my brother; it’s been way to long.

Before we left of course we had to have breakfast at the local, I smell the bacon cafe. Very good.

Tradition on your first visit to the cafe.
Jery, me and Shelly

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