On the road south.

Dawn and I left Hinckley, MN yesterday morning arriving in Bethany, MO. We were going to camp out at the Wal-mart, but neither of us felt comfortable so we left and went to the Cracker Barrel in Olathe, KS. We both slept well our first night in our rigs.  Dawn got up before me and took a lovely photo of the sunrise. Photo below. We enjoyed breakfast and hit the road to my brother’s home at Indianola, OK.

Olathe, KS Cracker Barrel

Two days and counting!

I’m sitting here at the Whistle Stop Cafe, Hinckley, MN, having coffee while my breakfast is being prepared and while my Sarah’s Dream has a spa morning at Slim’s Station. Last minute grocery shopping and laundry are on the agenda for the rest of today before Amelia arrives.

Amelia, #2 daughter, will arrive this afternoon from the west coast, for a short visit and to pick up the babies, Chelsea Lynn and Duchess Rose. I asked Chelsea last night if she was excited for Amelia to come. She said Mmmmf. That’s kitty talk for yes. Duchess could not be reached for comment. The babies will be leaving to live and keep and eye on Amelia for mama. (Wink)

I’m getting excited to start my journey and hope you’ll follow along to keep me company.

All American

Van Logo

Having named my van Sarah’s Dream, I felt the next step was to create a decal and or a car magnet. With Sarah’s parents permission, I’m using one of Sarah’s many paintings.

I chose this painting for two reasons. The first is it spoke to me after Sarah’s passing. The interpretation I received was Sarah walking home with her angel guiding her. Now, as I plan my travels down the road, Sarah will be with me and giving me inspiration, especially working on my own novice artworks.

Painting by Sarah Mason.
Sarah Mason 1996-2018

Naming my van.

I’m sitting here the morning after Thanksgiving searching ideas for heating my van. All of a sudden, the name for my van came to me. Let me share a bit about her namesake, Sarah Mason.

Sarah was a beautiful, warm and talented young lady who passed away at age 21, suddenly and for no known medical condition known as Sudden Adult Death (SAD).

I last saw Sarah about 2 weeks before her passing. She, her mom Jane, along with cousin Bridget, were at my sister Barbara’s, for their annual visit to grandma and grandpa Woese’s home on Lower Mission Lake, near Brainerd, MN. We had a lovely afternoon, visiting and going out on the pontoon, across Lower Mission Lake into Upper Mission Lake. As we went across the lake, Sarah sat at the front of the boat by herself. I remember thinking at the time, Sarah appeared as though she was trying to take in every bit of the lakes beauty, perhaps for a future painting. I’m grateful that I went for the visit that day, not knowing it would be our last. She shared with me her dream to finish her last year of art school, get a van and travel across Canada to Nova Scotia. She wanted to do freelance artwork. The Lord had a different plan for Sarah and took her home July 30, 2018. We all miss Sarah greatly and I want to honor her memory by naming my van, Sarah’s Dream.

Sarah sitting upon one of her creations around the city of Thunderbay, Ontario.
More city art.
Her loving family in front of her art.

Winter is here in Minnesota, why am I?

My departure has been delayed while we wait for Amelia (daughter) to arrive for a short visit and to pick up the two cats. They will now be living with and keeping her company.

I’m working on finishing touches and starting to load the van and adding some homey touches. Unfortunately, due to the MN cold, much of what I’m taking can’t be put in the van until the day of departure which I’m expecting to be about the 6th or 7th of December.

I needed to add a bit more storage for food so I built a small shelf that I screwed to the top of the secretary. I didn’t center it as I will need the remaining space for my coffee pot etc.

Fine tuning…

Today Dawn assisted me while I was cutting a cabinet top, two interior shelves and a drop down table out of 3/3″ plywood. I’m replacing what was originally in / on the cabinets due to the amount of weight in pressboard. Huge difference. Now to paint!

I did a dry fit of various plastic tubs that I intend to pack my things in. Looks like I will have plenty of room for all my belongings. Now I can start filling the tub’s up.

Bobbie was kind enough to donate some gently used nsulated curtains. I stapled two panels over the front side of the cargo threshold. So now all you see behind the seats is a light grey wall. Yes, I will still be able to go back and forth to the cab. Then I changed out the back curtains to more of the insulated curtains. Lastly, Dawn assisted me in cutting and taping reflectix to the inside top if the back doors. Hoping these changes will make a considerable change in my tiny home.

Saturday Progress

Today was warm which allowed me to get a lot done today. I took the opportunity, while the sun was warming the air this morning, to blow all those leaves off my yard. That only took 1.5 hours😓!

I then took a break to start catching up on Criminal Minds. I’m only behind four seasons! Enough rest for the wicked, my van needs flooring. Spent several hours laying my peel and stick squares, which really went well. I only wasted one square as a result of cutting it in the wrong direction. Added metal bridges along the wood seems to keep everything level. Here’s hoping the floor stays intact with the cooler temps.

Dawn helped me place my kitchen cabinet / desk, in the van. Then we secured to the wall with screws and added an “L” bracket to secure to the floor.

Next, I dug out my winter curtains and hung them along the front of the cabin, making the van warm and cozy. Luckily they were a perfect fit. Can’t wait to see what the temp is in the cabin tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow I plan to lay everything outside that I think I’ll need and start loading up. Stay tuned.


Well the temps here in MN are too low to paint the inside of the van as planned. Will have to wait until I get to Yuma to finish the inside. I did however paint the kitchen cabinet and its drying inside tonight. Hope to put flooring in tomorrow and will then attach the cabinet to the wall. Then I can finally load up the van for my trip.


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